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Fallbrook (DeLuz), CA 92028
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We pick and ship directly to you a variety of Hass, Pinkerton and Reed Avocados, the selection depends on the season. Click 'Avocados' on the menu and select a variety for more information...

Early in the season avocados will take as much as fourteen days to ripen. Late in the season they'll take about five days. That's because early in the season the oil content in an avocado is on the low side, whereas late in the season the oil content is higher.

Avocado Express delivers the best Avocados in the world right to your door, fresh from Vista DeLuz Ranch. Located in North San Diego County, the heart of Southern California's agriculturally rich avocado growing area. We produce some of the tastiest California Avocados on the market. We fertilize using organic compost and organic fish fertilizer....There are NONE better.

You are buying direct from the ranch, rather than through a middlemen (packers, store, etc) where avocados are subjected to gassing to preserve freshness... OUR AVOCADOS ARE "CERTIFIED ORGANIC".

Your avocados are picked fresh from the tree when we receive your order and in your hands in 2-3 days; this provides for optimum freshness.

"It's just like having the Farmers Market delivering to your door".

Our promise is to provide you the opportunity to enjoy the most delicious, nutritious California Avocados at the lowest possible price. Free of any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides...

We don't ship in fancy printed boxes and our packing materials are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable.

Depending on variety and size, each shipment box contains an average of 15 or more, hand selected Hass, Reeds, Pinkertons or a combination of these California Avocados depending on the season.

Our avocados are guaranteed no more than one day off the tree at the time of shipping, with zero refrigeration time. This, along with gentle handling, ensures the very highest in quality and freshness.

Remember, the Aztecs believed avocados have an aphrodisiac power..who are we to argue with that? You be the judge. Order today by clicking 'Purchase' on menu.

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